Social Media for Ceremony

A common sentiment heard lately is that many couples complain that their wedding photos contain images of guests on their phones, whether they are taking photos, posting about the wedding, or just answering emails. If you want to do what many are doing and “ban” cell phones during your ceremony, we can work with your wedding photographer to ensure we have some live content to post to social media during your big day of guests, and you, without the added eyesore of cell phones clouding the images.



Starting at $500


Social Media for Reception

One of our qualified, professional, unnoticable social media managers will walk around during the reception and capture candid and posed moments to ensure everyone is being included and mentioned in the posts. We also offer assistance setting up and using a Snapchat geofilter for your wedding day.

Short Videos

  • Funny messages, inspirational quotes or heartfelt sentiments to the married couple from guests
  • Short interviews with members of the wedding party or parents of the bride and groom

Wedding Hashtag(s)

We will help you create a custom hashtag for the event, or use the one you have created on all posts for your special day


We will create a custom chatbook of more fun interactive images from your instagram hashtag used throughout the day/night.

Wedding Memories

We set up a special Facebook album to act as a database for all of our videos and images so you can easily access them after all the excitement has faded.

Please note: This service does not substitute professional wedding photography. This is merely for the in-the-moment social posting so your guests and yourself are represented and memories are being created live. We are not professional photographers