Small Event

Starting at $500

Anything you may have read in the B2C trade show section can be downsized to meet the unique needs of your small event. Whether you are just looking for a social media photographer and a social media platform manager or someone to help run a contest, we can ensure your small event shines brightly on all of your social media platforms.


Workplace/Corporate Events + Parties

Corporate culture has never been so important in our workplace. Dwindling are the days where people used to flock to huge corporate conglomerates where they were nothing more than a small unknown cog in a wheel, working 10-12 hours a day for little to no credit. More often than not, employee satisfaction is based on having an open and fun (think work hard, play hard) workplace where they get up every day, love where they work and adore their coworkers. One way companies are building even more brand advocacy for their businesses with their own employees is by incorporating some live social media into their work functions.

Holiday party coming up? Great, hire a photographer, throw up a media wall and create a photo album for your staff to tag themselves and share the posts on their own networks.

Members of your firm representing your company at a large event? We can tag along and make sure everyone knows just how well your employees are there representing your brand!

Team building trip? Why not hire someone to snap candid shots, do short interviews with staff members, and publish blogs about the weekend. You can even hire us to be a part of your mini social committee to ensure if there is social media worthy content taking place at one of your events (from Axe Throwing to Pub Nights), someone is there to document it and share it with the world.

Not only will this increase engagement within your firm with your team, but it makes your organization look way more appealing to potential future employees, or even corporations wanting to do work with you (and it could even land you on a Forbes list of great places to work!)


Exhibition or Show

Decided to do a last minute pop up shop or art gallery for a weekend long showcase of your artistic ventures? We’re happy to be there to snap photos of your guests interacting with your pieces (and each other), and grab authentic in-the-moment sentiments of just how people feel while experiencing your show.


Pop Up Installation or Sponsorship

Your brand decided to sponsor a local event or have a booth at a small street festival? That’s fantastic, and so much fun – but it’s also probably a lot more work than you thought it was going to be. While you are trying to be there, in the moment, interacting face-to-face with your audience, fans or potential customers, let us do the digital stuff. We will snap pics of your booth at the event, get to know the neighbours on either side of you (and engage them), and post neat re-usable content to populate your social channels. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that you were there, and you were having a blast, and then need to follow up with you!