B2C Conference or Concert


B2C conferences are usually organized chaos. With a number of speakers and presenters hitting multiple stages at the same time, attendees are scooped up in the bustle. Our relay of professional photography and social media photography allows us to capture the key moments in each presentation, as well as the fun in between. Candid shots, stopping groups for photos, and an accurate account of the keynote's passion.


Often with multiple stages, or even with 1 main stage and a sales floor - speech start times and other important schedule updates can get lost on the masses. We support the organization with live event updates of important times and locations so attendees never feel lost.


B2C conferences are often quite different than B2B. Consumers are much more 'individual' and personal than business attendees, who tend to be more in a networking mode. Consumers are a great source of video content for things like reviews, questions, feedback, and are more likely to get 'silly'. Boomerangs, candid videos, and other clips that build towards the 'entertainment' side of the event, supporting the ambiance and brand, are captured for current and future use (in low res unless otherwise purchased).

We also capture clips of speakers, crowd engagement, and presentations on stage to ensure you have the pieces you need for an event recap and for future promotions.


Live tweeting is the ideal social engagement for B2C conferences. We capture all of the key and most groundbreaking and inspirational quotes of the event in text for the world to see. By providing quality content, your attendees are able to share their favourites (and can focus more on listening than note taking), and those who were unable to attend will see the value in future events. We create posts on all social platforms specified, and promote the event as a whole through a number of media types (pics, video, text, meme, etc).

Live posting gives a platform for consumers to comment, question, and share - and we are there to respond and answer live and in the moment.

+Custom memes

We take great images at your event, and turn them into shareable, branded content. We can create memes from your event using any of the following:

  • Fun facts or motivational messages
  • Quotes from speakers or guests
  • Comments or testimonials