B2B Tradeshow


Our photography option for B2B tradeshows is a little bit different then our standard photography blitz for Instagram. We focus more on photographing influential attendees, and candid shots of guests engaging with the brands being showcased at your event. We also capture shots of demos and short talks for use on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Event updates

It’s easy to get caught up when you are enjoying yourself at an event. Help your valued attendees ensure they don’t miss any demonstrations or events being showcased at your tradeshow by utilizing live event updates on Twitter.

Short Videos

We capture video feedback from your guests while they are at your event. This can include short Q&A’s, video testimonials or anyone who has an interesting opinion about something related to your event or something they just took part in.


As with all of our services, B2B tradeshows receive full content creation and community management treatment. Everything from sponsoring vendors to answering questions about where to find certain booths and event info.