B2B Conference


For B2B conferences, we focus on taking images of keynote speakers, engaged guests, and capturing shots between speakers of your attendees engaging with each other, or any of the event sponsors.

It’s not all about the candid shots, though. We also take posed photos against branded backdrops, if you choose to have one at your event.

Event updates

Conferences can be busy places, and oftentimes, there are multiple things happening all at once. Help your valued attendees ensure they don’t miss presentations or events they are looking forward to at your conference by utilizing live event updates.

Short Videos

Short video is vital for your B2B conference. We capture short speaker clips of the most memorable moments, for use on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We can also work with your speakers or influencers to shoot some “Ask me anything’s”, which are popular views on Facebook. Capturing video feedback from your guests while they are at your event allows people to be heard and results in a positive experience. This can include short Q&A’s, video testimonials or anyone who has something interesting to say about a speaker they just saw or a great idea they just had.

Live Posting:

Through our live posting your brand will be sharing the most entertaining moments or groundbreaking quotes spoken during keynotes.We’ll also be sure to share and reply to everyone engaged in the conversation about your event and share/retweet attendee's great live-share additions to the conversation.

The second part of this is monitoring conversations, and keeping track of valuable feedback for you. With this we can address any questions or concerns your guests may have. We’ll also be sure to share and reply to everyone engaged in the conversation about your event.