Blogs are an essential way for your audience to digest entertaining, thought-provoking or informational content material. Many avid readers of brand blogs consider it added-value that just strengthens their brand loyalty. Event mini blogs are a shorter version of a traditional blog and they can include: reviews of the day, tidbits about the event, live updates with images – for website SEO purposes. They can also persuade potential attendees to attend your event on a future day if they have not yet bought tickets.

Media Wall Photographer:

Having a second, designated photographer at an event enhances online and offline experience because content is gold and you can never have too much of it. This photographer acts as a red carpet or VIP photographer, making all of your guests feel valued and important as they enter your venue (or at a designated station within the event). This photographer is available to book for daytime, or evening after-party experiences, along with a social media manager. Everyone loves photos, so give them something they will want to share from your brand’s social media photo album.

Does not include design/printing of media wall banner, which are available for purchase through Jumping Elephant.

Live Display Spotlight:

Some call it a conversation screen, or a live tweet wall. Social media and promo material screen display #brandedhashtag at event. Our partners at OpenHwy offer a social media system that has features guaranteed to enhance the digital experience for your guests by showing a live Twitter wall, Instagram wall, Facebook feed or Yelp feed on the big screens at the event. Promote and enhance the conversation through specialized features and shine a spotlight on attendee engagement.

Sponsor Spotlight:

Chances are, if your sponsors and vendors are paying to be at your event, they want your event to be successful, because it increases their ROI. This add-in allows for professionally crafted marketing material that can be sent out for use in promoting the event across both yours and their, social channels. Includes custom images designed prior to event and shared with vendors for promotion. Also posted during event along with appropriate social media tagging. Offer your sponsors or vendors even more added-value, strengthening your relationship, and increasing chances for their sponsorship in future years.

This is over and above standard posts featuring contributors during event

Social Media Audit:

We offer businesses the option for a social media audit before their event, as part of a Jumping Elephant service. We delve into your current online presence, analyze your posts and engagement and make recommendations on changes to achieve a more successful ROI while using social media.


The way your audience digests content is changing. Video has become one of the hottest trends in 2017 and 2018. Your audience wants to listen and watch rather than read everything. Our professional videography services include promo material (for use in future marketing material), interviews with guests and speakers, videotaping seminars, video testimonials, and more. Live video is essential on social media but professionally polished and captured video can be re-used and re-purposed for years to come.

Instagram Print Booth:

If a second photographer isn’t something your event needs, you can consider a branded photo booth. Our partners at Hip Image have a great hashtag printer that allows for your guests to take a memory from your event home with them, along with your branded hashtag right on their print out. The print booth is a manned booth with Instagram #hashtag printing station. Great for contests and in conjunction with media walls. It also allows for instant upload to a social site with the sharing of your custom event hashtag. The perfect combination of online and offline photography for your guests to enjoy.

Charging Stations:

Cell phone charging tower sponsored by SOS Charging Solutions. Tower includes social streaming TV and multi-unit charging capability with locking compartments. The red, blinking “low battery” light can be scary to your event attendees, who value constant connectivity whether for professional or personal reasons. Offering a charging station further drives home the fact that your brand cares about their needs. A great add-in so your guests don’t have to feel like they are disconnected from the world and can worry more about enjoying your event and creating a positive association with your brand.

Also available in mini-table top stations.

High-Res images:

Low-resolution images meet most online marketing needs. However, sometimes you see that perfect picture that would look amazing blown up on an event poster, and it’s way too pixelated to meet your needs. You can purchase a photo package of all event photographs in high-res, perfect for print use, whether that be brochures, posters, large-scale cut outs. All photos in high res (unedited) from the entire event for promotional purposes (usage subject to photographer agreement). Assists in all of your online and offline marketing needs for now and for future event use.

Instagram Event Grid:

Offered through Jumping Elephant.
Instagram pages are curated masterpieces with branding opportunities that can nearly match that of a website. People are not simply scrolling through their newsfeed and engaging with individual posts, they are following events they love and visiting their pages frequently. This means that every picture on your page needs to be on brand and visually appealing, but beyond that, your page as a whole needs to tell a story.