Marketers say the most valuable metrics for measuring the effectiveness of sponsorship/event marketing initiatives are product/service sales (86%), amount of media exposure generated (85%), and increased brand awareness (84%).

^We can help with 2 out of 3 of those (and really, a strong brand and earned media does contribute to increased sales in the long run)

Think of us as a very specialized event-marketing firm. We don’t plan and execute your entire event, but we do work with you, and your event planner, if applicable, to handle all aspects of your event DURING your event ON social media.


Social media at events has several functions from live customer service inquiries, seminar updates and photos of keynote speakers and guests, to helping promote your vendors, brands and the event as a whole to potential attendees and future sponsors. So here is what we offer:

Social Media Engagement

We understand how difficult it is to do a thorough job at live managing your social media accounts while you are not only running your event, but also trying to engage face-to-face with guests and actually participate in certain aspects of it. We will engage with your guests, vendors, sponsors and influencers on social, live, while the event is happening, on your behalf. To break it down:

  • ­Platform management: think of this as digital customer service; people may ask questions; now you have someone to answer them – live
  • Live content sharing: we produce (live) content your vendors, sponsors and influencers can share, and share their content too, when they mention you, as it happens
  • Address negative feedback immediately and to the best of our ability (and find someone quickly who can help solve the problem, if necessary)
  • We will always reply when someone tags you on Twitter; and leave a comment when tagged on Instagram

Live Event Posting:

Since more than half of your attendees are using their mobile devices while at your event, we make it even easier for them to connect directly with you, so you can focus on running your event. We live post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even snapchat during your event, when conversations are sure to be happening. We are constantly monitoring the conversations to ensure that if anyone has questions, we have answers. We also ensure we are tagging guests accounts on corresponding networks and increasing engagement.

Social Showcases

Our add-on Twitter wall or Instagram Print booth are great ways to promote conversations about what’s happening at your conference, trade show, seminar, etc. while enabling your attendees to showcase themselves. Not only do we monitor these conversations right when they are happening, but we also provide tangible metrics after the event showing your results as well as highlighting your biggest influencers.

Event updates/schedule

A great way to integrate your event app with social media is to use your accounts to share live update posts with your guests. If you haven’t incorporated an app into your event yet, social media can perform a similar function. “The next seminar starts in 15 minutes in Hall F” can appear live with your branded hashtag to ensure those who are following the conversation don’t miss a minute of action. Other examples of live updates:

  • Did you just catch X-speaker? We love the insight when they said “Z”! #GreatTalk #ConferenceYYC
  • There is a product demo at booth Y for brand @A. Check it out!

Don’t forget that social allows you to communicate delays or changes in programming to make sure you don’t upset any of your guests.

Event Social Media contests

Are you planning on running a contest at your event? Promote contests for your own company or for your sponsors using social to encourage engagement and the use of your branded hashtag. Simply decide on the prize, and we will run and promote the social media contest for you.


Event Photography:

Having a professional photographer at your event is vital because we live in a very visual society. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for a reason. From photographing attendees against a branded backdrop (think red carpet) to taking great shots of speakers and candid’s of guests enjoying seminars and activities, we’ve got you covered for photos that will make you shine on social media. Some things we provide:

  • Event albums for Facebook
  • Professional photographer on-site capturing moments (staged and candid)
  • Low res photos included (for web and social use)
  • High res edited photos available (at additional cost)
  • Can add custom branded watermark to all posts (optional)
  • Images specific for Instagram (including Instagram photo collages and short clips)
  • Boomerangs
  • Guest/attendees “red carpet” (with branded backdrop!)

Event Videos/Clips

Never underestimate the power of video on social media. Not everything needs expert lighting and microphones to get your message across. Some of the short videos we offer are:

  • Micro-interviews (clips of one answer from a Q&A with a speaker)
  • Short speaker clips
  • Ask me anything’s (for Facebook – we can set these up with some of your key note speakers or influencers)
  • Funny messages from attendees
  • Candid moments
  • Short video testimonials

Specifically, there is a lot of value in showcasing live interviews. We do our best to capture quotes live and tag the speakers and guests who said them (to increase likelihood of them sharing, too!) Sometimes, they are so good; we turn them into memes for future use on your social channels. Finally, we offer some live, unedited video capture for Instagram and Snapchat.

We can’t be everywhere at once, so we also offer a full videography option for capturing the best of your event and creating something for you to use for years to come.