7 Social Media Trends You Can Tap into for Your Next Event

When social media first came out, many believed that it was just a passing fad, or a trend. Now that it’s clear that social media is here to stay, it’s important to be using it to benefit your brand, or in this case, your event. You’ve probably noticed many social media trends across your own […]

8 Things Your Guests Will Love That Will Increase Your Event Engagement

If you are in the business of event planning, you are already succinctly aware of just how difficult it is to put events together, no matter the size. There’s venue acquisition, vendors, sponsorship, securing speakers, creating signage, staffing, marketing and ticket sales – just to name a few tasks on your never ending list. Unfortunately, […]

6 Easy Peasy Ways You Can Use Social Media to Promote Events (B2C)

  If you work in the events industry, you are familiar with how hard it can be to get the awareness (and resulting ticket sales) that your event needs to be truly successful. From buying radio spots or newspaper ads to local television clips or digital media, the options for getting people to your business […]

3 SOCIAL New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Needs to Make (and Keep)!

It’s that time of the year! You’ve probably heard about it on the news, or seen it on your friends or families’ social media networks, or even engaged in friendly banter about it at the office: New Year’s Resolutions! From drinking more water, to finding a new job, saving more money, or losing weight to […]

5 Things to Remember When You’re Posting on the Go At An Event

If you’ve decided to incorporate live social media into the day of your event – congratulations! You are about to take on a huge endeavour, but we’re confident it will pay off. Keep in mind, it’s going to be busy and your phone will likely be flooded with notifications for the duration of your event, […]

6 (Almost All Canadian) Event Brands that Do “Social” Right, Year Round

Most, if not all, companies finally understand the tremendous impact incorporating social media into your fully integrated marketing program has for your brand, your business and your online image. Having a strong social presence at an event is a valuable asset – at least, we think so, or we wouldn’t be here. However, merely having […]

7 Quick Tips for Using Social Media at Events

Social Media can still seem like a foreign language to many – there are so many nuances, hashtags, different ways to use the channels, best times and places to utilize each and the best types of content to share across each, just to name a few struggles. Pair that with the high stress environment of […]

What the heck is a live social engagement company anyway?

“Live Social Engagement.” If you’ve made it this far, we’re so happy to have piqued your interest. What you may or may not have figured out is that we absolutely LOVE all things social, from Instagram filters and checking-in on Facebook to live updates and Snapchat geofilters. And it’s been proven that there is inherent […]