7 Commandments of Using Social Media For Events

Your brand or company probably has a strict set of rules that you adhere to as an organization. As such, you probably have a code of conduct for communications, or a dress code – perhaps some rules for flow of information. Social media is no different. A commandment is defined as “a rule to be […]

Top Event Planners on Instagram You Should Be Following

The event planning industry is incredibly saturated. To be honest, we didn’t quite realize just how many amazing event professionals there were across Canada until we became a part of this industry. Many industry professionals, especially top event planners, have made a huge impact by showcasing their style on Instagram. As a visual medium, it’s […]

Happy 1st Birthday Elephant’s Remark – 3 things we learned about doing social media for events

                        Happy birthday to us! Or should we say #HappyBirthday to some social-media-for-events-loving matriarchs and a team of amazing live social coordinators. From the team at Elephant’s Remark, we are so thrilled to be having our first birthday. Well, technically, it was in November, […]

Promote your event: 5 tips for enticing attendees

Event planning is serious business. It’s one of the top 10 most stressful jobs for a reason. Once you go through the trouble of planning your, you have to promote it. In a business as saturated as the events industry, it can be hard to set yourself apart from the competition and provide a reason-why […]

The Ultimate Guide to Networking at Events

No matter your industry, one thing stands true: it’s all about who you know. Networking is a valuable professional tool. Just look at the success of LinkedIn. Having a large network of industry or related professional contacts promotes career growth, expansion of services and enhances interpersonal skills. If you aren’t a seasoned social butterfly, going […]

6 Event Tech Add-Ins to Enhance Your Attendee’s Experience

You’ve gone to all of the trouble to plan, organize and execute an incredible event. You’ve used event tech to create a custom app for ticket sales and customer service. Naturally, you want your attendees to enjoy themselves, take something positive away from it and just have the best possible experience. One of the ways […]

IncentiveWorks 2018: Overview

Canadian Meetings & Events Expo (Formerly IncentiveWorks) Day-Of Social Media Overview IncentiveWorks brought on the social media expertise of Elephant’s Remark not only for day-of social media coverage for their 2-day conference & tradeshow but also for pre-show content and Facebook advertising for ticket-sales. The results were staggering. IncentiveWorks is an extremely high-end events and […]

5 Inexpensive Ideas for your Next Event Contest

Event planners are always looking for innovative ways to get their attendees more invested in their events. One of the ways they do this is through hosting an event contest. However, with any event contest, comes not only an event prize but also the dynamics of how exactly the contest is going to work. Some […]

5 Tips for Taking Event Photos for Social Media

You’ve likely heard the saying “perception is reality” as it applies to marketing, but it’s also true of events. If the event photos make your B2B 3-day conference on ‘focusing and productivity in the workplace’ look way cooler than it is, the more people it will attract. The more favourable things people say, the better […]