Raving Remarks

Our clients have some very nice things to say about us:


Brides2B Expo

The Elephant’s Remark team took over our facebook and instagram profiles on the day of the Brides2B Expo. They featured all of our sponsors and vendors and engaged with each post instantly. Many of our vendors asked how we were able to share so much content while also managing the busy event – and said they received true value from the attention they were getting online. The profiles were never quiet and there were no questions left unanswered. Our engagement on the day-of was higher than it had ever been and our followers exploded. The ER team used a combination of posts, pictures, videos, and live videos, and stories to share our event and keep all attendees in the loop about our schedule and shows for the day.

We will be bringing Elephant’s Remark back next year and recommend anyone with a tradeshow or conference to hire them to handle their social media for the day – the return on investment is measurable.

Brides2B Expo Producer

Zev Abosh 

The Measureable Difference

I met Sarah Kirkpatrick a few years ago – online, of course. She seemed to be everywhere – be it Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – sharing great content from individual posts, articles, and eBooks. I say, “great” because after reading it, I started using it, and I was getting results just from that.

Then, one day, in real life, there she was – at one of my seminars (The Measurable Difference) as a guest in the audience. Sarah created more content than my team did, and her stuff was getting all the ❤, retweets and engagement.

It would be a year later when our paths crossed again IRL, at the SocialWest conference last spring. Once again, I watched Sarah’s seemingly effortless online activity grab the attention, likes, and shares of others.