Meet the Trunks

{trunks waving}

Hello from Sarah and Ashley, the 2 matriarchs of this herd. Our backgrounds are in advertising (agencies to be specific) and we are all about promoting businesses. We’ve done traditional advertising (billboards, radio ads, video scripts, magazine ads, etc.) and, more recently, digital marketing (web banners, websites, blogs, social media management, newsletters, etc). And now… WE’RE DOING EVENTS.

We are pretty thrilled we came up with this mammoth of an idea. You see, we are the kind of girls that go to tradeshows just to post fun things for people who can’t come, stare at our phones live-tweeting every word of a conference, and who’se instagram accounts are FULL of a bride’s hashtag at the end of the wedding. What can we say? We are obsessed… So us, along with a whole herd of social media managers, designers, and photographers, are going to put that millennial phone-obsession to good use, and help businesses promote their events from within.

Sarah is a Copywriter and Ashley is a Strategist – and together they are the giants of the Social Media for Events industry.