77% of event marketers use social media to promote before and during their event and 61% of event marketers use social media as a promotional tool after their event.

Elephant's Remark is an on-site, day-of 'Live Social Engagement Company' specializing in social media management and engagement at business-to-business and business-to-consumer events.

We act on behalf of events/shows/businesses/individuals to interact with attendees and document the activities of the day for current and future marketing efforts. By managing the social platforms of events we are able to encourage attendees to communicate online and share their experiences, further promoting the event through their own social channels.

With professional photographers, designers, and Social Media Content Creators on site, posts are able to go out 'live' for timely engagement, and professionalism and branding are never compromised.

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The idea came to lead matriarch, Sarah Kirkpatrick, during a conference when she live-tweeted each speaker and soon realized she was the only one doing it. With no recognition from the event itself, and no other posts to engage with, she understood why nobody else was partaking or engaging online. If only there was a company that a busy event coordinator could hire to handle the online engagement of their event on the day-of. Sarah's idea was strengthened after 3 summer events that pushed a #brandedhashtag and ended up with <10 uses by the end of the evening.


Something had to be done. There had to be a system that would encourage event attendees and vendors to interact online. The possibilities for growth, sponsorship, event satisfaction, and marketing were endless. On top of that, it had to be put on by a company who had experience with day-of social engagement, the art of advertising, and a clear digital marketing strategy.

Elephant’s Remark was born.

Elephant’s Remark is a department of Jumping Elephant – a digital marketing company focused on content creation, digital strategy, and social media management and optimization for companies on an ongoing/retainer basis.