Top Event Planners on Instagram You Should Be Following

The event planning industry is incredibly saturated. To be honest, we didn’t quite realize just how many amazing event professionals there were across Canada until we became a part of this industry. Many industry professionals, especially top event planners, have made a huge impact by showcasing their style on Instagram. As a visual medium, it’s likely their best asset other than their website, portfolio and industry reputation. If you are an events industry expert, an up-and-comer, an amateur, or just someone who needs inspiration or big ideas for a project you are working on, these are some of the top event planners on Instagram. Special shout out to some amazing Canadians that made it to the list – and you really should take a moment to follow these Instagram superstars.

1. Wink Design & Events 







Wink Design & Events are award-winning and nationally published. This shouldn’t be a surprise to you once you check out their amazing Instagram page. They do a combination of weddings, corporate, not-for-profit and social events and their profile showcases their versatility.

From simple, special to spectacular, they promise to “Make your next event truly extraordinary!”

Their Instagram profile shows off a variety of image and video content (big and small) – they don’t necessarily focus on only the big to be attention getting; some of their stuff shows that small spaces can be incredible – one of the many reasons we think they are a top event planner worth following. They tag their vendor partners in posts, which is very good professional social media etiquette. Their images include impressive colours and floral, and they use a lot of texture to make whites pop. From a social perspective, they are also superstars at using Instagram Story Highlights. Check them out here:

Our favourite post:

Why we love it: we’re big fans of the roaring twenties, and especially The Great Gatsby themed events. It’s stunning, both in terms of photo composition and eliciting a time-travel feeling. They also completely nailed the hashtags.

2. Kara’s Party Ideas

Kara Allen is someone who I would personally like to plan my next birthday party. Her style can be described as fun, spunky, bright and amazing – and she also does kids stuff – (incredible kid stuff!) She started her career in 2009 and has been “recently branded as the ‘new’ Martha Stewart of the party world.” She also uses Instagram as a brand ambassador and splices in those branded posts with her regular design-related posts, but before you start tuning out thinking about advertising know this: she is really selected and really industry specific with her partnerships. She also makes our top event planners list for her detail to themed parties. Her Instagram feed consists of really different content (not typical, large scale, floral heavy, gold and “luxury” feeling – what some people may expect from an event planner’s Instagram channel.

A lot of her WOW factor comes from using food and balloons in her designs. The further down you scroll, the more “traditional wedding/event planner” her page looks, so our observation – having never spoken to Miss Allen, is that she really found her footprint in recent years and has since shown her incredible attention to detail and the memorable moments she creates. Check her out here:






Our favourite post:

Why we love it: we’re BIG fans of Halloween, who doesn’t love a picnic, and it’s simple, yet highly effective. Doing things outdoors in non-controlled environments with huge tents is challenging. This is the type of post that inspires DIY-ers to plan things for their children, but don’t necessarily have the budget to do lavish things.



3. Fête NY

Fête NY may seem a bit more traditional on our top event planners list – because they use lots of florals and table settings, but they are anything but. “Named Best Wedding Planner by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Brides,” their feed gets a bit more personal than some of the other featured accounts. They showcase images that features the staff, who are young, hip and attractive. The agency is headed up by Jung Lee, who you’ll find on many other top event industry experts lists globally – and she is one of the most sought-after event designers in the world.

The images showcase some food, some fun, and lots of close-ups, reminding you that it’s important to sweat the small details. They have less bright, subtler designs and they are highly classy. To top it off, they offer custom registry services from a design perspective and really push their full solution services, rather than one-off event plans. If you want to see what all the type if about, find them here:



Our favourite post: 

Why we love it: It’s an ice bar! Fête NY has taken something simple and inexpensive (water) and turned it into a piece of stunning decor. The floral arrangements of what we can see in this photo along with the clean straight lines and stunning outdoor view make this a dinner party we wish we got to attend. Plus, they use the hashtag #iceicebaby, which is always a win.


4. Quintana Events


Live in the Northern California area? How about an incredible event at an exclusive destination? If so, Quintana Events is the company for you. With a major focus on destination weddings, they showcase fabulous destinations, foreign countries with their designs ranging from simple to complex. They have a family-oriented brand on their Instagram feed that features the owners and their baby. They are obviously top event planners because they also show off that they attend a ton of events, demonstrating that they keep on top of industry trends and are always on the lookout for inspiration. Their feed is more than just design or stills of events – they feature their clients, take action shots and they are utilizing the social channel to communicate some of their client testimonials, boosting their credibility. Overall, they look like they can do a lot without a massive corporate budget and what they pull off is stunning each time.

See their work here:

Our favourite post: 










Why we love it: we’re both big fans of environmental experience installations and this image captures beautiful magic. Rather than nit-picking about making everything entirely perfect and controlling everything, Quintana did an amazing job at using what was already available and creating a stunning, fairy tale wedding.


5. La Chic Soireé

Local event designer alert. La Chic Soireé is a full-service firm based in Toronto. They are a Luxury Event Planning & Styling Boutique who does weddings, corporate, social and pretty much anything you can think of. Their Instagram feed features close-ups of flowers, full rooms, partial room shots, cakes, small full frames and detailed event additions, like custom drink fridges and soap trolleys.

As top event planners on Instagram, they tag their industry partners and have a clear understanding of using Instagram for business. They have some amazing tablescapes and table settings, and images that feature their staff, brides (who they also style), grooms and event attendees. Our favourite thing about them is that they do big, dramatic set pieces really well, which really enhance event attendee experiences. See what all the fuss is about here:

Our favourite post: 





Why we love it: Flamingos, penguins, peacocks… when done well, are a real winner in terms of designing events. Everything about this image fits perfectly together in a very clear theme. What’s more is that  La Chic Soireé did a great job at tagging industry partners and utilizing some great hashtags!


6. Moment Factory









Though not a traditional event planner, Moment Factory is a multimedia entertainment studio. They work in Montreal, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo, NYC and basically anywhere the big parties happen. Their tagline “We do it in public” really sums up their offering – and shows off their cheeky, risky, no-idea-is-too-big-or-extravagant brand. Their Instagram feed consists of mostly video and multi-pic posts, because it’s hard to pick just one featured image. They provide amazing experiential world class experiences through storytelling, which is what marketing is all about – so they get our complete and utter respect for that. They also make our top event planners on Instagram list because of not only what they post, but how they post. They post things in 3’s – magic of 3’s is a real thing; they design with dramatic colours and lighting; their posts are bi-lingual (Montreal). They design shows and destinations but don’t focus on small events, like weddings. Got a massive idea? They can probably help you make it a reality here:

Our favourite post: 

Why we love it: it’s an image that captures colour, movement, attendee participation and also showcases a stunning multimedia light show.

7. Orange Frog Productions

Local event planner alert! We might be a bit biased because we’ve seen some of this event design work in person, but it’s so good we need to share it with you. “Orange Frog Productions Inc. offers creative lighting design solutions for any venue.” Though not what you’d consider a traditional event planner, they focus on luxury interactive experience and creating amazing lighting textures to help make your event unforgettable.

Their Instagram feed has a focus on lighting but also includes images of how lighting affects other parts of the event (Tablescapes, food, dance floor, etc.) They do large and small scale events, provided you have really unique lighting needs. We love how their Instagram feed includes some behind the scenes, set-up images and design tips because it enhances their credibility and offers added value. They also utilize different image types (panoramic, different angles, etc.).

Our favourite post:

Why we love it: When you think of a clock, you probably don’t think there is a ton that a designer can do with one. This stunning multimedia clock is an incredible piece that fits perfectly into a New Years Eve party. The angle of the image and the colours captured just add to how cool it is.





8. Sunday Suppers

Karen Mordechai is a food and design expert situated in LA, who’s Instagram feed focuses on the edible and delicious. She joins our top event planners list with her unique Instagram feed. It’s mainly close-ups of dishes on a white background. It’s uniform, and focuses on the exact offering – without embellishing in extra unnecessary bells and whistles. She organizes private events called Sobremesa – a new series of global dinners – bringing the dining experience to everyone. Karen has written cookbooks, further strengthening her credibility as a food professional. The images featured are un-doctored #nofilter and not overly lit or saturated. If you know anything about the events industry, you know that the importance of food cannot be overstated. Sunday Suppers is your go-to Instagram account for ideas, plating and design of the most edible thing at your event. Try not to drool here:







Our favourite post:

Why we love it: so, it’s not technically one post, but when people use Instagram grids, especially event professions, we get really excited. This image series screams “simple” yet “delicious” and our mouths are watering just looking at it.





9. AGENC Experiential+Digital

Would you be shocked if we told you that Agenc is an Agency? We didn’t think so but they are so much more than that. They caption themselves as “award winning, live experiences and integrated digital campaigns that shape ideas, change culture and amplify causes”. They are experts at using Instagram Story Highlights and have two custom hashtags related to their work: #WeAreAGENC #DesignForDigital

Their Instagram feed features mostly angled shots – very little from straight on, which really gives their event images a ton of depth. They design for simple to extravagant (but not necessarily luxurious). Some of their images include furniture, hallways, large props like cars, and their images feature people experiencing their events, which is quite different from other industry experts (with the exceptions of featuring the bride and groom at weddings). They showcase very few close-ups of tablescapes and foods but they do let you behind-the-scenes and show off some work-in-progress photos. Want to see how to #DesignForDigital? Check it out:

Our favourite post:

Why we love it: the first thing that jumps out at us is that the post itself discusses the importance of guest experience strategy. It’s not enough to create something stunning unless you have a clear objective and a clear “why”. We’re also a big fan of quiet lounges – because everyone needs a minute to reset at an event. This particular image is stunning but simple and who knew that a stack of tires could be something other than an eyesore?

10. David Stark Design

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what David Start Design does, but it seems to be a combination of event design and installations for events. He has a very Interior Design-ish vibe, and works with a lot of event planners. The majority of the work on Instagram is corporate, not for profit, social and less weddings. The work done for not-for-profits is exceptional, artistic and very interactive.

There is also THE INTERIOR DESIGN PODCAST TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW – which is lots of added value to you, if you are following them. Their design features some tablescapes and images of full rooms, some close-ups, cut-outs and how-to posts. It’s truly inspirational to look at and you can always see the full strategy that was designed into each of the designs. David Stark Designs gets notable mention on the top event planners on Instagram list because although the entire event design may be done by another agency or as a collaboration, the parts that are designed by the firm are unforgettable visual masterpieces. Check out #davidstarkdesign on Instagram:

Our favourite post:

 Why we love it: food is one of the most important parts of an event and this particular Instagram post takes the idea of food and amplifies it into something incredible. If you spend a moment reading the caption, you also learn it has a charitable component. The image shows that you can create literal art and event experiences out of nearly anything and that is the mark of a truly talented top event planner. And the hashtags are perfect for the event/image.





Though there are literally hundreds of other very talented event planners on Instagram who are sure to inspire you for your next professional or DIY project, this short list covers many vital event elements that always impress attendees. Are there any other top event planners in Canada (or worldwide) that we missed that you’d like us to look at or feature? Tell us on social media or contact us here.



Ashley Saunders, Matriarch, Strategist, Live Social Coordinator


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