IncentiveWorks 2018: Overview

Canadian Meetings & Events Expo (Formerly IncentiveWorks) Day-Of Social Media Overview

IncentiveWorks brought on the social media expertise of Elephant’s Remark not only for day-of social media coverage for their 2-day conference & tradeshow but also for pre-show content and Facebook advertising for ticket-sales. The results were staggering.

IncentiveWorks is an extremely high-end events and meetings expo held in Toronto (August 14-15, 2018) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The day began with a conference showcasing a number of educational seminars from various speakers on a number of popular industry topics. The conference was then topped off on both days with celebrity keynote speakers (Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry and Chef Lynn Crawford) before the big doors opened to reveal the show-stopping exhibition floor. Hundreds of exhibitors put their best foot forward and wowed guests with food, drinks, prizes, gadgets, and dreams come true. And on top of that, workshops and mini-sessions were going on every hour – It really is a one-stop-shop for event professionals.

We are also thrilled to say that we have trained 2 new elephants in Toronto to be a part of the Elephant’s Remark team. These two elephants supported us on the day of IncentiveWorks and blew us right out of the water with their professionalism and the quality content they created.

Event Social Media ROI

When a show hires a service like Live Social Media, they expect to see a certain ROI. Because most of the tickets have already been sold, and the exhibitors have set up, and the sponsors are secured – what we do is measured in terms of your Return on Objectives. Some examples include social media page performance, the testimonials that come in after the show, and the number of repeat exhibitors/sponsors next year who mention that they loved being featured the previous year and felt true value in their contributions.

So – at the end of every event we make sure to grab all of the analytics we can from each platform to not only show the client how social media supported their event, but also to learn and grow ourselves and see what types of content performed best for certain event types and what we can learn for the next year.

And now a little bit about HOW we got such amazing results.


IncentiveWorks Social Media Scope

For an event of this scale with so many moving parts, and with work prior to the event, we had a team of 7 to make sure every marketing piece was integrated.

Pre-Event Social Media Content

Leading Content: It was our goal to support the IncentiveWorks teams in populating content leading up to the event. The 10 days prior to any event is when attendees really start to look to the channels for the info, inspiration, and opportunities to network and connect so we wanted to make sure those pages were ‘happening’ when they showed up. IncentiveWorks on their own do an amazing job posting content all year long, so that boost was just what was needed to tip the scales for page growth at that opportune time. You’ve heard the saying that timing is everything? Well for combining events and social media, it couldn’t be truer.

Pre-Event Facebook Ads: Ticket Sales

The world is afraid of commitment, so it is always the case that the bulk of ticket sales come in within the last month leading up to an event. We wanted to make sure that we not only made it easy for those interested to grab tickets but to also remind those who may have forgotten or have been sitting on the fence that tickets were still available (but selling fast). For an event with a reputation for quality, it was not a hard sell and people jumped at each and every ad we put out. Directing over 600 people to the ticket page from a redirection campaign alone was not surprising, but pleased both us and our client.


Social Media Day-Of Images

All of those awesome pictures announcing the next speakers, and presenters, and featuring sponsors enhanced the accounts and played a huge role in the customer support and professionalism of the social channels for the IncentiveWorks event. Do not be fooled though that those day-of images were created on the day-of. With a whopping 213 images created for 3 different channels for the 2-day event, weeks of preparation and design went into properly showcasing important scheduled workshops, talks, and booths over the 2 days – and that doesn’t even include the posts that were captured live and on-scene!

These posts were designed, approved, and then scheduled on all 3 channels to go out prior to each speaker’s stage-time to announce to attendees the play by play schedule, and scattered booth recognition throughout the trade show conference times.

The day-of images play a HUGE part in the social media strategy and IncentiveWorks was amazing to work with when getting all of those put together.

Day-Of Event Social Media Management

OUR SPECIALTY. After all was set up and the excitement for the event had hit the ultimate peak, we got to swoop in and cover all things social media at the event itself. For 2 days, the Elephant’s Remark team tiptoed around the event capturing some amazing moments and putting smiles on the faces of exhibitors and attendees across the Metro Toronto  Convention Centre.

The BEST thing that happened was when keynote speaker Chef Lynn Crawford grabbed our tripod (which was recording a live video at the time) and did a loop around the auditorium with it. Talk about awesome content, celebrity moments and real-time participation!

There were quite a few mandatory pieces we needed to capture, so we laid out a strategy to allow us to showcase as much of the vast expo as we could.

The rush! #iwshow

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  • Timelapse – Keynote auditorium filling up
  • Live video – Dance Intro
  • Quotes and photos of Keynote speaker
  • Live video snippets/teasers of Keynotes


  • Instagram stories of as many exhibitors as possible (1 every 5-10 minutes)
  • Photos and quotes from Exhibitor booths with contests/prizes
  • Showcasing the most visually exciting booths through images
  • Sponsor features
  • Boomerangs, videos, and photos of attendees, crowds, and feature spaces throughout the exhibition centre.


  • Live video of mini-session seminars
  • Photos of workshop groups
  • Live video teasers of the workshops (if only we could share the amazing smell coming from the Bernard Callebaut chocolate workshop)

Needless to say, we are glad we wore our most comfortable and classy shoes because we walked thousands and thousands of steps that day – each!


Day-Of Event Community Engagement

When an event this large has so much going on and needs so much content to be captured and shared, the community aspect often needs to be handled outside of the on-site team. For this event, we had our community manager monitoring all of the pages, hashtags, and mentions from home and replying to any questions, comments, or shoutouts with professionalism and fun.

Whether it was people asking for heating changes in the building, inquiries coming in from last minute tickets (no doubt because they saw all the AWESOME stuff going on via social media), or people just raving about the life-changing time they were having… we were right there to engage with them.



As you can see, there is a lot that goes into an event. And when it comes down to the impact of social media on yours, take it from IncentiveWorks that there is no other way than to dive in full-body and bring it to life.

We want to thank our amazing client for making this show SO UNBELIEVABLY share-worthy and being easy to work with from day 1.

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