A guide for surviving your role as a live social media coordinator at your company’s event

Congratulations on being the official live social media coordinator for your next big conference. Isn’t it grand when your boss volunteers you for a massive task, like this? Not all events have the budget to call in the professionals, and sometimes, it can be challenging to communicate the ROI of implementing live social media experts. Never fear, we’ve compiled a list of our best tips below to help you survive and ensure your event social presence is a success.

1. Chek youre spellign

Doing live social media at events is a real-time job. You’ve gotta be quick on your feet and capturing as much valuable content as possible. Not only that, but if you’re doing a great job, you’re also engaging with your event attendees. Sometimes, teensy-tiny spelling mistakes slip through the cracks. This can be huge because people interpret spelling or grammar errors as being unprofessional. Don’t lose credibility –  download a mobile spellchecker if necessary.

2. Plan your content carefully

This is especially important if there are several of you – repeat content is less valuable than unique content – especially at large shows. If you are all great like-minded individuals, you are likely to see a lot of the same things and see the importance and want to share. However, if you’ve got a lot of ground to cover, posting a lot of the same content looks bad, shows favouritism and doesn’t give additional value to attendees who are following you on multiple networks. If there’s just little ole you, then having a game plan helps alleviate some of the stress. It’s a big job. You’ve got this!

3. Always invite people to tag themselves in your Facebook photos/albums after the event

When a business or event posts an album, people can be hesitant to tag themselves in your photos. They may be downloading or screen-capping photos rather than a direct share. If this happens, you miss out on having the direct link to your social account on their page. Putting out a quick, friendly invitation like “did you attend? Tag yourself in our pics” makes the job of a live social media coordinator that much more effective and encourages more “shares”.

4. Say “thank you”

The most important lesson a live social media coordinator should follow is manners, manners, manners. When event attendees or social media fans share your posts, say “thank you”. When they leave you positive comments or testimonials, tell them you’re thankful. After the event, follow-up with a “thank you for attending” newsletter, Facebook post or Tweet. Simple right?

5. Bring a mobile battery pack

Your phone might die. ‘Nuff said. Don’t be that person hogging the mobile charging stations meant for the event guests. And don’t miss content capture or engagement opportunities because you are tethered to a wall. Some back up chargers are good for 4 charges, which should get you through an event. That said, bring two just in case – it is crazy how much energy you suck when you’re constantly on your phone (but you’re probably a millennial – so you know that).

6. Make it easy to share (#SharingisCaring)

One of your key jobs in being in charge of live social media at the event, is to foster engagement in your attendees. Ensure your content is images or videos of the coolest things at your event. If you have interactive things at your event like photobooths or VR experiences, make them shareable. In layman’s terms, ensure things incorporate the “share” buttons or icons. Tie them into your social media channels. Put your hashtag everywhere. Make it clear where the conversation and content will be happening and make it so cool that attendees can’t possibly NOT share it with their own audience.

7. Reward your most active live social media engagers

There will always be a group of overly enthusiastic people attending your event. *Ahem* raises hands, jumps up and down, does little victory dance… Why not reward them for being your best brand ambassadors on social media? It’s easy to pump out a whack of content and make your event look cool, but for people who aren’t familiar with your brand, word-of-mouth is incredibly valuable in forming positive opinions. Whether you are sending them a personalized thank you message, or a prize pack or a shout-out live on the speaker stage; this helps build brand advocates. #AddedValue

8. Optimize your pre-planned content

We love this live social media hack because it’s so simple. If you are creating sponsor, vendor, or speaker images for multiple networks before the show (RECOMMENDED), make sure you size correctly: 1080px by 1080px for Instagram, 1,200px by 630px for Facebook, 1024px by 512px for Twitter (we like 1024px by 576px as this is more optimized for mobile, rather than desktop) etc. because all of your live images will likely be whatever size your cell phone camera is set to, and you can’t waste time resizing on the fly when you don’t have to.

9. Check your tags and handles

Fun fact: not everyone has the same handle (that’s the fancy @ sign) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (but they should if they can!) so if you are sharing directly, remember to make the alterations in the app you have shared to. If you don’t, you run the risk of tagging the wrong account or even tagging nothing at all. Also, trust us and take a minute to double check your hashtags (that’s the telephone pound sign #); you want to make sure you are having the right conversation in the right place where the right audience can find you, or all your hard work as a live social media coordinator will be for nothing.

10. Share photos of food

Wanna know a secret?

Everyone loves food! Okay, so it wasn’t much of a secret but it’s a very powerful tool for the live social media coordinator at the event. Reasons: 1. Food is very photogenic, 2. Food makes people hungry and they spend money (hello #FoodPorn), and 3. all events must have food for their guests so why not promote it? Food pics are very shareable. Post as many delicious photos of food as you can without taking away from other aspects of the event. If it’s a food event, even better!


These top 10 survival tips from some live social media experts can help even the most inexperienced intern survive the day! Make the most of social media at your event, if you are in the situation where you have been tasked with this job. And make sure you check out the rest of the blog for more great tips and tricks. If your upcoming event is too big to throw to the intern, give us a shout and let us design the perfect package to meet your social media needs.


Ashley Saunders & Sarah Kirkpatrick – Lead Matriarchs and Live Social Coordinators

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