Global Petroleum Show 2018: Overview

The most important energy event in North America has wrapped up yet another successful year.

Celebrating their 50th year and acting as a huge milestone for the uptick of the Canadian economy, the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) attracted more than 50,000 international and domestic oil & gas executives from over 20,000 companies, high-level government officials, National and International Oil Companies (NOC’s & IOC’s), thought leaders and influencers from 115 countries around the world.

The conference was a huge success thanks to the tireless efforts of dmg:: Events and the Calgary Stampede.

The Elephant’s Remark team is thrilled to have been asked to participate in this world class B2B show. In fact, it was our largest show to date! It was a great experience working with different social channels, like LinkedIn, instead of the more common B2C social networks like Instagram. It’s an important distinction to make because the event had a more corporate brand and tone, and the medium you are using for communication is that much more significant.

Here’s what The Global Petroleum Show did right:

  • Separate conference with amazing and reputable speakers (Schedule on app and printed in hallway)
  • Country Market Seminars for foreign opportunity information (Schedule printed in booklets and large boards)
  • Huge tradeshow floor with a variation in company type and size (Maps and vendor breakdowns printed in large styled event guide.
  • Branded hashtag printed everywhere (#GPS2018)
  • Large sponsor boards printed and displayed
  • Contest to encourage engagement
  • ‘Youth’ program put on and promoted
  • Multiple registration areas
  • Separate Awards show and Concert (promoted under different pages and sold separately)
  • Full and busy social media schedule to show case demos, ribbon cutting, vendors, sponsors, conferences, seminars, attendees (us)
  • Full time onsite social media team monitoring hashtag, comments, messages, tags for customer service opportunities (us)

It’s clear that what they did worked as the GPS is the largest show held at the Calgary Stampede Grounds (Second only to the Calgary Stampede itself). And their dedication to digital in an EXTREMELY old-school traditional market just shows how relevant they are, how quickly they adapt, and why they are THE Oil & Gas show to attend each year.


How we helped:

GPS Facebook:


GPS Twitter:

We were brought on for on-site content creation and community management. We also created branded professional images prior to the show to schedule throughout for important instances such as sponsor spotlights, upcoming speakers, and featured vendors.


Most Popular Photos/Videos

After a combined step-count of over 50,000 steps over the 3 days, we captured:

Over 80 feature vendors

  • Live video promotional videos
  • Photos of team and product
  • Stories of demonstrations



Upcoming speaker announcements (sample)

  • Resized for each platform


Sponsor Thank-You’s (sample)


As far as clients go, the whole team at the Global Petroleum Show was a dream. In our experience, sometimes when working side by side with an in-house marketing team, or another agency, some people are overprotective and take ownership – which makes a lot of sense, because it’s their full-time job – but it can sometimes impede the success of the show’s social media presence. In this case, everyone was open, they did everything right in terms of execution and keeping us in the loop, and were happy to utilize everyone’s experience to put forth the best social footprint on social media. We can’t wait to work the event again next year!

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