6 Must Have Social Media Posts for Events

If you are an event planner, or you work in event marketing, it can be challenging to determine what types of social media posts to share during your event. Oftentimes, you are all hands on deck and social media posts for events become an afterthought. It’s understandable – and like in show biz – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Not everyone has time to do full-day content sharing and engagement while running a successful event, so we’d like to help. Here is our list of the 6 must have posts to share on social during your event.

1. Atmosphere-creating stills

Social Media Posts for Events

Sight is arguably the strongest sense a human possesses. For those who can’t attend events, it’s important to showcase what they are missing (to make them experience FOMO) and entice them to attend future events. There are a number of atmosphere-creating images you can take and share to your social media channels, such as photos of speakers, cool-looking trade show booths, media wall/photo booth, guests participating in interactive seminars or product demonstrations.

The great thing about painting a vivid picture for guests, is you can really use any of the big three networks: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Of course, the latter is less of a visual medium, but engagement is still higher on tweets with an image attached. As part of the vivid image you are trying to create, be sure to take advantage of #TransformationTuesday to show before and after (behind the scenes) images of the space, or of any special guests, if applicable. Utilizing these types of images for your social media posts for events will add to the marketing content you are already sharing and increase both interest and engagement with your audience.

2. Candid moments

Social Media Posts for Events

To many, marketing is viewed as a fabricated non-reality; and as such, it leaves a bad taste in many potential customer’s mouths. Rather than pumping out perfectly photoshopped billboards and showcasing pearly-whites with double zero waistlines, authenticity tends to resonate better with audiences. Compiling evidence of candid (amazing) moments for your social media posts for events is incredibly valuable for your brand. Laughter, unexpected experiences, looks of shock and wide-eyed children are just a few images that, when captured naturally, are irresistible to event attendees. People go to an event to have an experience – you need to prove to them that the experience will be real, and positive and they will get something enjoyable from it.

Depending on what you can capture, candid images perform best on Instagram or in a Facebook album (rather than as a standalone post, which can be interpreted as more staged and less authentic); candid video moments work well for Instagram stories, Facebook or Snapchat; and funny moments can also add another level to your Twitter posts.

3. Interesting sentiments

Social Media Posts for Events

Well, the name of our company IS Elephant’s Remark – so when you have large elephant ears, it’s easy to hear things around you. And when you’re always watching and listening, it’s easy to create social media posts for events. Anything interesting, intelligent, funny or ridiculous – provided it doesn’t go against your brand or any of the associated sponsors – translates well for a Twitter quote. You can either do a true Twitter post and write it in quotes, with the speaker’s name and handle if they have Twitter (and give it to you), or create more of a “meme quote” using a tool like Canva or Photoshop. This could be a takeaway or a reaction to a seminar or show, something a vendor says to you, or to a guest, or entertaining banter you overhear while guests are dining in the food area.

It’s important to monitor your Twitter account during the event and be responding to urgent inquiries or retweeting any user generated content (marketing GOLD) to further intrigue your audience. If you manage to capture a clip or someone saying something really cool – be it a speaker, an attendee or an influencer guest – even better. Frankly, anyone other than you talking about your event automatically gets perceived as more credibility. Your job is to sell tickets and fill the room, while many who share about an event have no vested interest in it, so if they like it, it must be amazing. Interesting sentiments give people something to talk about, something to think about and definite potential for engagement.

4. Walkthroughs or looping clips

Social Media Posts for Events

Have we mentioned that video is one of the hottest social media trends for 2018 already? Any opportunity you can take to jump on board the video bandwagon is one you should grab. Many people think that in order to use video for a social media post for their events that they must have a professional videographer, expensive equipment, and expert video editing skills. Though those things help for recap videos, brand videos, television commercials or YouTube movies, the truth is: the more amateur it looks, the more human and relatable it will be for your audience.

If you have access to a GoPro, or even have a steady hand for walking cell phone capture, try doing a walkthrough of the main area your event is taking place in. You can easily speed it up and share it, to give people an inside look, and provide additional navigation ideas for guests en route to attend. These can be shared on Snapchat, Facebook Live (then left on your wall to view later), Instagram Stories, etc. You may also use an app like Boomerang to create quick looping (silent) video clips at your event – these are very popular and a lot of fun to watch.

Pro tip: Save all of your clips before they disappear forever, you never know if you may want to use them again – we do this for all of our clients.

5. Inspiration

Social Media Posts for Events

Inspiration can come from anywhere at your event. From speakers and seminars, to next-level products or services, fashion, food or philanthropic initiatives – anything goes. Even some of the things your event attendees may take away from spending the day at your event can be inspiring – and they may pull something valuable that you didn’t think of from somewhere you’d least expect. Inspiration and motivation are also two very popular topics for social media posts for events, brands or anything in between.

If your event has a speaker/seminar component, they are a gold mine for pulling inspiring quotes and learning from presentations or influencer messages. If you are halfway decent with Photoshop or Canva, creating images of your speakers with an overlap of their messaging can perform well on both Twitter and Instagram.

6. Speaker/special guest profiles

Social Media Posts for Events

Chances are: if you’ve asked someone to be a guest speaker or a special guest at your event, there’s a reason. They likely have a following that is similar to your own and you are trying to capture some of their followers through Influencer Marketing. They also likely have a lot of knowledge to share that your guests will find valuable. Having them at your event is valuable in and of itself, but you can also capitalize on their audience with your event’s social media posts. Create a few simple visuals with their image and some jot notes about why they are there and what they are going to share. Plug that they will be there before your event, and on the day of, shortly before they are making their appearance to ensure everyone knows about it.

Your Influencers can provide a mountain of content: your pre-event post informing the public they will be there; anything they share that you can repost; anything live you can share while they are speaking or performing; or short sentiments after the fact. Your still photos can go on your Facebook timeline or your Instagram feed. If you can get short clips of them (backstage before they go on; when they arrive, during a meet and greet), they are incredibly shareable on Facebook Live, Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Similar to our “Inspiration” section, anything they do or say can also be shared on Twitter.



Sharing content on social media posts for events doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Those are just a few of the many options you have to ensure your social channels don’t go dead while the event is taking place. They allow you to tap into other’s followers utilizing influencer marketing, let people know what’s going on and get them excited, create very shareable inspirational content and ensure the event is perceived as a must attend for those who may have missed it this year.

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