What the heck is a live social engagement company anyway?

“Live Social Engagement.” If you’ve made it this far, we’re so happy to have piqued your interest. What you may or may not have figured out is that we absolutely LOVE all things social, from Instagram filters and checking-in on Facebook to live updates and Snapchat geofilters. And it’s been proven that there is inherent value in social media marketing. Your ROI can be calculated in a number of ways, including brand awareness, shares, and engagement, conversion of customers to brand advocates, and of course, sales.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a definite difference between just utilizing social for content marketing and for being fully immersed and engaged during special events. You’ve probably heard the expression, an elephant never forgets; well, that sentiment has never been truer than our information age of the Internet and social media. Everything that has been posted is alive somewhere, forever, so why not make your brand, and especially your event, unforgettable.


Ashley Saunders, Matriarch & Strategist


The Difference between yearly social media management and live social engagement


The main difference is that you can’t do “event social” without already having a social media presence – there’s no point. You can populate your social networks with original, and shared content, and you can interact with your fans and followers on a regular bases; or at least, that’s what we recommend to our clients. The problem becomes, when you are focused on an event – and let’s face it, event marketing is a huge task to take on – oftentimes you lose touch with your followers (and event attendees) because you simply cannot be in all places (literal and digital) at once.


We believe, that besides having a clearly distinct target market and a strategy for content sharing on your previously defined social networks, that interacting with your fans, followers, and event attendees, is one of the most valuable ways to build brand credibility and enhance the experience for both guests and sponsors alike.


Why event social engagement:

You might be wondering why we decided to do what we do and offer what we feel are valuable additions to your day-of event marketing. An obvious answer that we already touched upon is that we eat, sleep and breathe social media, and not to toot our own trunks, but we’re pretty good at it.



Whether your event is B2B or B2C, there is a lack of “at event communications” between your brand and your online audience (and sometimes the volunteers or part time event staff working your conference or trade show don’t have the answers to your pressing questions).


Our Top 3 Why’s for Live Social Engagement at Events


  1. We recognize that it’s hard to remember some of the really cool stuff you saw (as the attendee), like booths, speakers, sponsors, and using live social media helps you categorize and compartmentalize for easy access later. As the brand, ease of access to information about your business, your company, and your event should always be your priority.


  1. Having live social media set up at your event means there will be more interaction and engagement with your audience, making them more likely to build brand advocacy and share your messages on their own channels. It’s also a great way to ensure your attendees (and even your sponsors or vendors) feel important and really connect with your brand, making them more likely to build a favourable opinion and store you in their top-of-mind headspace.


  1. People are already using social media while at events, so if you’re not, you are missing out big time on creating meaningful connections and giving your attendees the added value that will really differentiate you from the competition.



Our Event Social Media Approach:

First and foremost, every action you take online needs to have a strategy, or you are simply wasting time posting content that may or may not be useful and resonate with your audience. When you share a blog, whom does it benefit? Why would they share it? When you reply to a tweet, is it to answer a question or try to solve a potentially negative issue? When you share someone else’s content, did you just click “share” without reading it or did something in their post have actual meaning to you?


It’s our job to give you the tools to help us help you be successful in your social media efforts at your events. We value the importance of strategic hashtags – either using them correctly, or helping you create them in the first place. We’ll give you our handbook for success and do most of the execution during the event so you can worry about running your event and interacting in person with your guests. Social media, just like television marketing or in person marketing, is just one of many touch points needed to be successful in forming meaningful relationships with your audience and helping convert attendees into longtime clients or customers.


Why Us?

We’d love to get to know you outside of our LinkedIn profiles and whatever interaction we may or may not have had to date. The truth is: you don’t know us, so why should you trust us?


Like elephants, we are both empathetic and self-aware of the world around us. Funny enough, we’re also both herbivores.

Sarah launched her own social media company from the ground up and has become an extremely successful #BossBabe, especially in the digital space, and has been featured as a subject matter expert in over 9 publications in both print and online. She’s also been invited to numerous industry events and has even been a highlighted speaker at a few of them. As president of social media firm Jumping Elephant, she has an innate understanding of the inns and outs of the digital marketing world, and is also an avid event-goer who is often remembered for the sheer amount of interaction she makes it a point of having with brands, event sponsors and other like-minded social attendees.
Ashley has been lucky enough to work social media-specific jobs, work on a micro-team to launch an innovative new tech brand from scratch, and is always looking for the next digital trend to sink her tusks into. Her background in strategy and client relationship management makes her ideal at managing partnerships with both vendors and attendees alike. A self-proclaimed #SocialButterfly that takes pride in her live-event Twitter interaction, the girl is going places – literally – because she makes it a point to go to as many events per month as possible, from horror film festivals and consumer level pet shows, to professional networking events and women in tech conferences.


Caption: Ashley and Sarah getting ready to head to their first advertising event in Toronto, ON – where Sarah won the coveted internship award and was placed in her first digital agency

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